#IAmTheHealthcareSupplyChain Movement Advocates for the Future of the Healthcare Supply Chain

Education, partnerships, and innovation elevate the healthcare supply chain 


June 22, 2020 


The events surrounding COVID-19 exposed challenges healthcare supply chain leaders had to overcome related to shortages, disruptions, and continuity concerns to effectively care for patients. No supply chain—healthcare or otherwise—was prepared to manage a global crisis of this magnitude. Yet, throughout this historic challenge, healthcare supply chain leaders continue to collaborate and innovate in ways once unimaginable. There has never been a more critical time to ensure the continued investment in the healthcare supply chain through the mobilization of industry resources.

Aligned with this goal, over 200 healthcare organizations, each with a valuable role in the healthcare industry, have pledged their support of the #IAmTheHealthcareSupplyChain movement and are recognized as Founding Partners. Visit to view a comprehensive list of Founding Partners as well as more information on joining the movement.

The #IAmTheHealthcareSupplyChain movement advocates for the investment, collaboration, promotion, and the elevation of the healthcare supply chain to support healthcare professionals. By showcasing the unmatched diversity and span of the healthcare supply chain, the movement looks to unify its stakeholders in order to reveal their shared impacts on the supply chain and the full continuum of patient care.

Specifically, an enhanced supply chain can be accomplished by:

  • Collaborating across the industry to develop revised strategic and supply chain continuity plans
  • Promoting suppliers that further collaborative approaches and information sharing
  • Advocating for the supply chain to be an integral part of the patient care delivery model of all IDNs
  • Investing in supply chain resources, people, and technology.

Both individuals and organizations are invited to support this movement. Organizations can still join the movement as official partners by emailing  Other forms of support include joining the movement as an individual to receive campaign updates, ordering a campaign t-shirt, or sharing how you impact care delivery on social media using the hashtag, #IAmTheHealthcareSupplyChain.

The healthcare supply chain permeates all aspects of care delivery. From the clinicians on the front lines, to manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, GPOs, and RPCs—everyone plays a part in the success of the healthcare supply chain. Outcomes, operational performance, and the overall health of the patient population begins with a healthy supply chain. We’re all in this together.


The #IAmTheHealthcareSupplyChain movement was started in May 2020 as a voice for the healthcare supply chain to advocate for its impact and continued advancement. Learn how you can get involved, stay up-to-date, and join the movement today at

For more information contact:

Ellie Wnek ( | 859.523.5701